Can you really achieve financial freedom in the real estate?

November 08, 2018
The real estate is a multi-billion dollar industry. A lot of people invest in real estate with the hope of achieving time and financial freedom. The big question is, “Can you really achieve financial freedom in the real estate?” The answer is a big yes! If you have the knowledge, skills, and right mindset, you will surely become a successful real estate investor and eventually be able to achieve time and financial freedom.

If you are new in the real estate business, you will surely have a lot of questions in mind. You don’t know how to start. Well, you are not alone. Many successful real estate investors started just like you. Most of them study the business on their own and learn the hard way. They made mistakes which cost them a lot of money. Good thing there are now real estate mentors who hold real estate event, which is a big help to real estate newbies as well as to investors who have been in the business for some time now but want to take their real estate experience into the next level.

One of the successful real estate investors who hold real estate events is Scott Yancey. You can find more information about him, especially his success stories online. Scott is a house flipping expert and has been in the real estate business since he was a teenager. His very first real estate deal started when he was 14 years old. At an early age, he realized that you can make a lot of money in the real estate business. So, he devoted his time to learning the ins and outs of the business. His hard work paid off. Today, he is one of the most successful real estate investors. He also has written real estate books and some of them made it in New York Times bestseller list.

Scott Yancey created a real estate event, which aims to help people from all walks of life become a successful real estate investor. Together with his team, they travel to cities across America to deliver a live real estate experience. He has been doing it for many years now and was able to help thousands of people. You can find reviews about the Scott Yancey event by visiting this site coming to the Scott Yancey event, you will realize that achieving time and financial freedom in the real estate is possible. You just need to have the best foundation and Scott Yancey can give you that.

Scott Yancey and the need to attend a real estate event

October 04, 2018
If you have a plan of investing your money in a real estate property, the very first thing you should do is to get the best real estate education. What you know and what you can do will define your success. There are a lot of sources for real estate information but the best ones are the ones taught by real estate experts. If you are looking for a real estate expert, then the name that you should look for is Scott Yancey. He is a real estate professional with decades of experience in the business.

Scott started his real estate journey at an early age. When he was 14 years old, he received an insurance settlement money and use the money to buy a second home deed. Imagine a teenager who prefers investing his money than spending it. Thanks to the influence of his grandfather who is a real estate guy. His grandpa would tag him along to every open house and exposes him to the real estate world. When Scott was in college, he worked for a real estate attorney. He was a runner and was entrusted to handle some of the company’s big projects. He was making a decent money from it. He decided to finally drop out of college and focus on becoming a real estate guy. You can find more about him on his social media account.

Scott finally decided to venture into real estate alone. He started fixing a dilapidated property and would sell them at a much higher price for a profit. One project leads to another until it came to a point where he was doing multiple house flips a month. Things were getting really good that he was able to achieve time and financial freedom. Even in the time of Great Recession, Scott has managed to make it through and be able to still close real estate deals. His expertise in the real estate is made known to the world because of his TV show, Flipping Vegas. He searches for dilapidated properties in Las Vegas, fixes them, and sell afterward. Many were hooked of his strategies and insights. His show became a hit in America and Canada.

Today, Scott is conducting a real estate event, which aims to teach the ins and outs of real estate investing. It will benefit not only the novice but the pros too. Scott and his team travel to cities across America to hold a real estate event and be of help to others who want to get started in the real estate business. click this link for more information.